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. >>> the cost to protect the new york city marathon. >>> a gunman shot and killed a tsa worker inside a terminal at los angeles international airport this morning. that delayed flights in and out of lax for hours. the shooter, a 23-year-old from new jersey was taken into custody. several others injured. >>> that deadly shooting at lax comes just two days before the new york city marathon. security was already high in the wake of terrorist attack at the boston marathon earlier this year. mary thompson looks bekind the scenes of the largest marathon and what it means for the new york economy. >> reporter: when runners go through the starting line of the new york city marathon, they do so as the shadow of the boston marathon. >> nypd began examining and enhancing the coverage of the race starting until the day after the boston marathon. >> the club is spending over a million dollars on security this year, more than double spent on the last marathon. on race day, spectators backpacks will be subject to search, hundreds of mobile cameras around the city will be monitored by security, 48,000 runners w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)